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Question: c please create header file cpp file and main file...

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Please create header file, cpp file and main file (3 different files)
Create a class object that consist of the following: Attributes: 2 numbers Methods: Default constructor as well as a specific constructor Math operations: Addition, Subtraction, Division, Multiplication Problem Part 1: Create two instances of the class object created. Create one using the default constructor and the other using the specific constructor. Ask the user for the input that will be used in the specific constructor. Update the values in object created using the default constructor to random numbers between -7 <->7. Each function is to be called for each object in the program and their results are to be outputted which each on a separate line Part 2: In the same program using the same user input write the C++ statement(s) that will output the result of this super formula for both objects superFormula is equal to the multiplication of the division function and addition function with that result being subtracted from the result of subtraction function added to the multiplication Also, determine if the result of the superFormula is even or odd
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