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C++ program

CHALLENGE ACTIVITY 2.17.2: rand function: Seed and then get random numbers Type a statement using srand0 to seed random number generation using variable seedVal. Then type two statements using rand to print two random integers between (and including) 0 and 9. End with a newline. Ex: 7 Note: For this activity, using one statement may yield different output (due to the compiler calling rand0 in a different order). Use two statements for this activity. Also, after calling srand0 once, do not call srandO again. (Notes 1 #include <stdio.h> 2 #include <stdlib.h> // Enables use of rand() 1 test passed 4 int main(void) f 5 int seedVal; 65 scanf(%d, &seedVal); All tests passed eturn ; 10

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