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C# programming
Must accept user input.

Create an application named ShapesDemo that creates several objects that descend from an abstract class called GeometricFigure. Each GeometricFigure includes a height, a width, and an area. Provide get and set accessors for each field except area; the area is computed and is read-only. Include an abstract method called ComputeArea) that computes the area of the GeometricFigure. Create three additional classes: A Rectangle is a GeometricFigure whose area is determined by multiplying width by height. A Square is a Rectangle in which the width and height are the same. Provide a constructor that accepts both height and width, forcing them to be equal if they are not. Provide a second constructor that accepts just one dimension and uses it for both height and width. The Square class uses the Rectangles ComputeArea) method A Triangle is a GeometricFigure whose area is determined by multiplying the width by half the height. In the ShapesDemo class, after each object is created, pass it to a a GeometricFigure argument in which the figures data is displayed. Change some dimensions of some of the figures, and pass each to the display method again. method that accepts
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