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C Programming Question (please respond with the code necessary to answer question in yellow box!Commandline arguments An example that uses commandline arguments . Consider a Unix program like cp: cp test.c test2.c Here, the file test.cis copied into a new fle called test2.c The program is cp and the commandline arguments are the strings test.c and test2.c AC programs main)function can receive arguments from the command-ine: 1 argc: number of commandline arguments. 7argv: array of strings int main Cint argc, char argv) if (argc !-3) { printf CUsage: copy [source-file] [destination-file]\n); exit 0) printf CCopying from s to s .. In, argv[1], argv[2]) II. Do actual copying. printf C... done \n) Note: The first string is always the program name itself (in argv[o]. This is why we check whether the number of arguments argc is 3. Lab 2.4: In copy.c use the template above and add in the code to perform data copying between the two fles named as arguments when running the program. Youve already seen how getc() reads a char at a time from a file. You can similary write a char at a time using the function putc (char, FILE).You do not need to write EOF to the destination file, but you do need to close the file when you reach the end.

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