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Question: calculate profile drag and induced drag thank you...

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Calculate Profile Drag and Induced Drag. Thank you

5. Finite wing and induced drag (30 points) The North American P-51 Mustang, shown in the above figure, was the first production-line airplane designed with a laminar flow wing (you may want to Google and find out what is a laminar flow wing). For this problem, we assume that the airfoil used on the P-51 is represented by the NACA 65-201 laminar flow airfoil (the airfoil data are on the next two pages, also notice that here the airfoil is coded with six digits rather than 4). The gross weight of the P-51 is 10,000 lb, the wing planform area is 233 ft2, and the wing span is 37 ft. The wing of the P-51 has a highly efficient shape, giving it a span efficiency factor of 0.99. At an altitude of 25,000 ft, the maximum velocity of the P-51 is 437 mph. (a) For this altitude and velocity, calculate and compare the induced drag and the profile drag of the wing. (b) Consider the P-51 starting its landing approach at sea level. Calculate and compare the induced drag and the profile drag of the wing at a flight velocity of 140 mph. (c) Compare the drag results from (a) and (b) and comment on assumptions in your the relative importance of induced drag. You can use the following calculation Assume level flight, in this case, weight equals the lift o Consider the aircraft as only a finite wing fi.e., ignore the fuselage cand tails); o Assume the wing is rectangular o You can use C, to replace Ci when computing Ca. the profile drag coefficient. (We can do this for the particular airfoil we are dealing with here. This is not a practice you should adopt for other types of airfoils. I will provide you with the reason for this in the solution. But you can already figure this out by looking at the airfoil data.)
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