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Question: calculate the stiffnesses ks and km the joint constant c...

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calculate the stiffnesses (ks and km, the joint constant (C), the initial load (F), and the recommended tightening torque (T) for any generic bolted joint. Use the following as input parameters: a) Elastic modulus of the clamping material (Em) b) Elastic modulus of the bolt material (Es) c) Proof strength of the bolt material (Sp) d) The nominal size of the bolt (d) e) The tensile stress area of the bolt (A) ) The overall bolt length (L.) g) The grip length ( Use your program to solve the following: Given: Two brackets are bolted together with a pattern of N - 4 equally sized bolts which are 2.25 long. The bolts are to be coarse thread (UNC), SAE grade 2, and zinc- plated. Assume this is a permanent connection. 1.5 2.25 Problem 1: Select a minimum size for the bolts (from Table 8-2) that will withstand an external separating force (P) of 6,900 lbs. with a load factor n -2. Problem 2: Select a new minimum bolt size if the bolts are upgraded to SAE grade 5. Problem 3: The grip length () is increased to 2.25. Using the bolt size from Prob. 2, how long must the bolts be to make the joint work? (bolt lengths are available in 4 length increments)
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