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called 54一一, and the two prokaryotic domains are _ 5___ an The seven properties or characteristics of life are5758_ 59 60 61 62 63 The hierarchical levels of biological organization of life on Earth in an ascending order 68 are as follows: 64 6673 69 15 70 76 Biological system can receive and respond to information (77. True or False). Biological system store heredity information in form of 78 and 79 organism possess the seven characteristics of life (80. True or False). The genetic information in DNA that specifies hereditary information is called81 structure consists of two helix molecules called 2 , and each of the DNA is made up of sequence chemical or monomers called in DNA is transcribed into 84 and the RNA is translated into 85 The process by which DNA is converted into RNA is called 86 process by which RNA is converted into protein is called87 molecular biology consists of the following sequential order or direction: from DNA 83 Genetic information and the The dogma of to 90 DNA consists of nucleobases that are also 88 to s91and the two major types of DNA nitrogenous bases are 92and 93. The purine bases consist of 94 and 95 and 97 RNA has the same and the pyrimidine bases consist of 96 genous bases except thymine, which is substitute with a nitrogenous base called 98 nitro The four different types of nucleotide bases found in DNA are 100 101 and 102RNA has similar nucleotide bases except that the only nucleotide base found in RNA but not in DNA is called 103_ , -.
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