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Question: can anyone check if my answers are correct or not...

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Can anyone check if my answers are correct or not and make sure you EXPLAIN why you think your answer is correct please.:

  1. # iIf we take a piece of plain paper which typically has thickness of 0.005 inches and fold it, the resulting piece of paper is 2 × 0.005 2 × 0.005 inches thick. If we fold it three times, the thickness is 23 x 0.005 -8 x 0.005 -0.04 2 3 × 0.005 = 8 × 0.005 = 0.04 inches. What would be the thickness of this piece of paper if we fold it 50 times?

   #2: A snail climbs up a 30 feet high wall. During the day he climbs 5 feet, but every night he slides 4 feet down. After how many days will he reach the top of the wall?

............................................... Here are my answers

1: So with question 1 every time you fold the paper it doubles in size. So what i did was take 250 (because we are folding it 50 times) and multiplied it by the thickness of the paper 0.005 inches. So this is what i came up with.

250 x 0.005 = 1,125,899,906,842,624 x 0.005 = 5,629,499,534,213.12

2: The goal of the snail is to climb 30ft since he climbs 5ft during the day and at night he slides down 4ft he essentially climbs 1ft a day. At least until he gets to the top. So depending on if once he reaches the top he stops sliding back or not here are my answers.

If he doesn't slide back on the 25th day (because he reached the top) he would climb the +5ft on day 25 (making it 30ft) as long as the slide back at night doesn't effect him once he reaches the top. (which would subtract -4ft from his climb.)

25+5 (no -4) = 30

However, If it does affect his climb (even once he reaches the top) he would make it on the 29th day because if you take 29 days +5(during the day) -4(at night) =30 still at the top.


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