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Question: can anyone check my answers if there are correct and...

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    Can anyone check my answers if there are correct and Make sure you EXPLAIN why you think your answer is correct please.

    1. If we take a piece of plain paper which typically has thickness of 0.005 inches and fold it, the resulting piece of paper is 2 × 0.005 2 × 0.005 inches thick. If we fold it three times, the thickness is 23 x 0.005 -8 x 0.005 -0.04 2 3 × 0.005 = 8 × 0.005 = 0.04 inches. What would be the thickness of this piece of paper if we fold it 50 times?
    2. A developer owns a piece of land enclosed on three sides by streets, giving it a shape of a right triangle. The hypothenuse is 8 meters longer than the longer leg, and the shorter leg is 9 meters shorter than the hypothenuse. Find the lenghts of all three sides of the property.

    ......................................Here are my answers

    #1: I took 2 ^ 50 * 0.005 which gives you 1.125899907 times 10 ^15. Then I took that answer and times it by 0.005 which equals 5.629499534 *10^12

    2#: I used the a^2 + b^2=c^2 to work this problem.
    a^2+(a-1)^2=(a+8)^2a^2 + a^2+2a + 1=a^2+16a+64I then moved the 16a and the 64 to the other side of the equal sign making the problem now; a^2-18a-63=0. I then found a number that goes into 63 and will add to 18. (a-21)(a+3)=0 A=21 than the shorter side would be (a + 8)-9=20 the longer side would be A + 8 (21 + 8=29)

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