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Question: can anyone help me with linux commands i am super...

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Activity 1 - Linux Commands Perform the following tasks. For each task, include a screenshot that clearly indicates the command(s) that you used to accomplish the specified task as well as the output that proves that the task was accomplished correctly. Make sure that your username is in the screenshot prompt. If youre unable to perform the task as specified, you may receive partial credit by providing the commands and output you were able to get and explain where you had difficulty. Any text you write should be written in red font. Task 1 (10 points): Write a single command that outputs a list of all programs in /usr/bin that begin with ip, begin with net, or end with grep. Hint: when using a $ in a regex, the $comes after the string you want to match at the end of line Kinsert screenshot here> Task 2 (20 points): Output a list of all subdirectories of /etc that you cannot open. The list should only include the full path of the subdirectories without any extraneous visible characters, such as. See the output below for the first few subdirectories and expected formatting. This task must be accomplished in two commands or fewer. Hint: save the list of subdirectories to a file and then use filters. /etc/audisp etc/audit /etc/cups/ssl /etc/dhcp /etc/firewalld /etc/grub.d /etc/ipsec.d /etc/libvirt etc/lvm/archive /etc/lvm/backup etc/lvm/cache Kinsert screenshot here> Task 3 (50 points): Ted Williams was a baseball player that played Major League Baseball for 19 seasons between the years 1939 and 1960 and is considered The Greatest Hitter That Ever Lived™. Some of his statistics are stored in TeddyBallgame.csv on myCourses. You will be performing several tasks using this file. See the top line of the file for the definition of each field in the file. Note that since this is a .csv file, all fields are separated by commas. Task 3a (5 points): Write a single command that removes the top line of the file, replaces commas with spaces, and saves the output to a file called TeddyBallgame.txt. Also show the contents of TeddyBallgame.txt in your screenshot (you should use a separate command to display the output to the console) Kinsert screenshot here> Task 3b (15 points): Use TeddyBallgame.txt from Task 3a as a starting point for this task. Write a single command to output the list of all seasons where Ted Williams had 100 or more Runs Batted In. Your output should only include the year and the number of Runs Batted In during that year. Kinsert screenshot here> Task 3c (15 points): Use TeddyBallgame.txt from Task 3a as a starting point for this task. Write a single command to output the list of all seasons where Ted Williams hit 30 or more Home Runs. The list should be sorted from most Home Runs to least and the final output should include the fields Year, Home Runs, Runs Batted In, and Batting Average for those seasons. See expected output below1949 43 159.343 1957 38 87 .388 1946 38 123.342 1941 37 120 .406 1942 36 137.356 1947 32 114 .343 1939 31 145.327 1951 30 126 .318 <insert screenshot here> Task 3d (15 points): Use the output of Task 3c as a starting point for this task either as a redirected output file or add more pipes to the command from Task 3c. Write a single command to sort the seasons from Task 3c by Runs Batted In from low to high. See expected output below 1957 38 87.388 1947 32 114 .343 1941 37 120.406 1946 38 123.342 1951 30 126 .318 1942 36 137 .356 939 31 145.327 949 43 159.343 Kinsert screenshot here> Task 4 (20 points): Write a single command that stores (in a file called out.txt) the names of all.conf files located in /etc that contain an IP address beginning with “192.168. Show the contents of out.txt in your screenshot using a separate command. See expected contents of out.txt below. Its ok if your command generates error messages when its executed. To suppress error messages, you can redirect the error stream to/dev/null. /etc/chrony.conf /etc/dnsmasq.conf /etc/ipsec.conf /etc/ntp.conf /etc/rsyslog.conf <insert screenshot here>2393784 73479763 9327 8 3 3 0 2 0 2 677862 31933 759 3 1 0 8 2 12345 67 89 012345678901

Can anyone help me with Linux commands, I am super new to Linux commands and never had any experiences with Linux before. Thank you so much!

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