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Question: can anyone help me with this nuclear power exercises i...

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Can anyone help me with this nuclear power exercises? I think you need chemistry to do them. Thanks in advance!

Problem 6 135 Xe will be shown in future discussions to be a major concern in nuclear reactors. Assume there are 10,000 particles of 15Xe intially in a volume. The production rate is 20,000 particles per hour. Plot the number of 135Xe particles over one week in one hour increments(dont forget that 135Xe also decays, so that is a loss rate) using ODE45 and the analytic solution. Is the system close to equilibrium(within 5 % of actual equilibrium value)? Problem 7 Consider the case where we have the three component decay chain C(Stable Derive the formula for the number of particles of B over time, proving the answer is Aate Problem 8 Consider the three component decay in Problem 7. The half-life of the orig inal nucleus is one day. The half-life of the second nuclide is two days, while the third nuclide is stable. The initial number of particles for nuclide A is 10,000, while nuclides B and C have no initial particles. Plot the number of particles from 0 to 10 days using ODE45 in MATLAB. Problem 9 Consider water at standard temperature and pressure. Determine the num ber density of Water molecules . Hydrogen atoms . Oxygen atoms Problem 10 Calculate the atom density of oxygen, 235U, and2U for uranium oxide (UO2) that is 4 % enriched. Assume the density is 12 g/cm3

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