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Can I get help with in 1 hour or less Please

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Maria Pajet, a regional sales representative for UniTec Systems, Inc., has been working about 80 hours per week calling on a total of 123 regular customers each month. Because of family and health considerations, she has decided to reduce her hours to a maximum of 160 per month. Unfortunately, this cutback will require Maria to turn away some of her regular customers or, at least, serve them less frequently than once a month. Maria has developed the following information to assist her in determining how to best allocate time:

Customer Classification
Number of customers 8 35 80
Average monthly sales per customer $4,500 $2,400 $1,100
Commission percentage 5% 8% 10%
Hours per customer per monthly visit 5.0 3.0 2.5

a. Develop a monthly plan that indicates the number of customers Maria should call on in each classification to maximize her monthly sales commissions.
b. Determine the monthly commissions Maria will earn if she implements this plan.

In the first table, calculate the commission per customer and per hour for each customer classification.

In the second table, complete the monthly call/visit plan that would maximize Maria's monthly sales commissions. Then determine Maria's monthly commissions if she implements this plan.

per customer
per hour
Large business
Small business
Monthly Call/Visit Plan

Total number

of customers

Total number

of visit hours



Large business
Small business
Grand totals:
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