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Question: can i get help with these problems please thermo 1...

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Can I get help with these problems please? Thermo 1
QUESTION S adthe rate orig eruy roursaray inkot torulr et 66.8 radians/second. Give your answer in kilowatts (kw). Power W- F. V where F is the force and V is the velocity WAH where &is the voltage potential and i is the electric current W- To where is the torque and o is the angular velocity Work W F ds, WPdVw-Wdt, W F.ds QUESTION 6 gas contained in a piston cylinder assembly undergoes a process from state 1 to state 2 defined by the following relationship and given properties. Determine the work done by the gas prv14-constant P 130.9 kPa V1-2m3 P2 127.5 kPa Save All Ansa all answers.
QUESTION7 mine the change in energy for a system given the following data for the process. Give your answer in kilojoules (p). Q-310.6 k W-141.4 k QUESTION 8 A students laptop computer is plugged in while it is being used. The computer consumes 289 W while being used. A fully charged battery is able to deliver 240 k) of energy. How long (minutes) does it take the 350 W battery charger to bring the battery life to 100% if initially the battery life is at 23967 Charger Battery Computer Save All Ans Click Save and Submit to save and submit. Click Save All Answers to save all answers.
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