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Question: can i get some help with question d because of...

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5. Consider the following problem (40%) St. 2x 24 3x1 + 22 S 18 The simplex method yields the final set of equations: (0) Z+9/2x +5/2xs 45 (2) 3/2x +x2 +1/2s-9 (3) -3x1 +x-x 6 Now you are to conduct sensitivity analysis by independently investigating each of the following changes in the original model. Test this change, if the original solution is feasible and optimal solution? If either test fails, re-optimize to find a new optimal solution (a) Change the coefficients of xi to [c, a, a, a] 6,2, , 2] (b) Change the coefficient ofX2 to [cı, a11, a21,an]-9, 1, 2, 6] C, Aq an 13u (c) For the change (b), what is the allowable range of c2 (d) Introduce a new variable x, objective function becomes Z-3x +5x2 + 6xs and constraints: (1) become x + xs S 4;(2) 2x2 + 2x6 S 24; (3) 3xi +2x2 +3xs 18 (e) Introduce a new constraint 3x +x 8

can I get some help with question d? Because of the way the teacher has structured the question, I am not sure how I should approach answering this question. Help please 😭😭😭

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