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Can i get some help with these?
Plutarch. (2 points) Bort is having Plutarch believes in microevolution but does not believe organisms. Name two things Bort can describe about his own an would provide evidence for shared ancestry. Explain. 2. anksgiving dinner and discussing evolution with his uncle of all living a that atomy and physiology 3. (8 points) For each of the following, fill in the one letter (A-K) from the term bank that best and most specifically and directly applies. Some terms may not be used at all and some may be used more than once. i. The rarest form of speciation: i. Natural selection can have a positive or negative efect on: ili. Multiple species that have evolved similar colors to avoid being eaten: iv. Cuvier believed this explained change in the fossil record over time: v. This may eliminate alleles that lower the ability to gather food: This has significantly increased in human populations in the last 200 years (hint: do not answer B): The reason that approximately 50% of humans are male vi. vii. vii. Speciation that is often driven by sexual selection: F. Sexual selection G. Directional selection H. Gene flow l. Genetic drift J. Sympatric speciation K. Adaptations A. Catastrophism B. Fitness C. Positive frequency dependent selection D. Allopatric speciation E. Negative frequency dependent selection
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