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Question: can i get the answer to this please...

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Can i get the answer to this please?

12.50 points Problem 02.027 Stress and deformation In statically determinate structures, member of slmple frame K1. (Roun Round the tal answer totwo dccimal places.) -1.2 ko upport tha -10.9 K105 ps and has a cross scctional arca of 0.2 m2 Kno 1ng 1hat they support t o ngk1 member SC doto mne the def 0 tion of port E if Each of the Inics AB and GDIs ma dc o 2 n 10 ID [ 1-10-3 in. ↓. The deflection of point E is Hints Reterencas Book & Resources Hintti

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