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Question: can i get the full solution for all questions that...

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Given the function Determine if the function is an even function, odd function or neither even nor odd (a) (3 marks) (b) Sketch its graph. (2 marks) (c) State the domain and range of the function. (2 marks) Is the function a one-to-one function? If it is so, sketch the graph of its inverse, y = ,f(x). If it is not, redefine the function so that it is a one-to-one function. (d) (3 marks) CLO1-PLO1:C1 2. Evaluate each of these limits: (a) lim (3 marks) 25x2 -3x +6 lim V 4x +2x-5 (3 marks) (c) 3xcot im (4 marks) CLO1-PLO1:CI)

3. (a) A force F of magnitude 9 units acts in the same direction of the vector 8i-10j+5k. It causes a body to move from point M(2,6,9) to point N(7,-5,3). Find the work done by the force. (5 marks) (b) Find the area of the parallelogram PORS with vertices P(2,4,-7), 03,-8,5) (5 marks) and R(3,9,2) CLO1-PLO1:C3] dy 4. (a) Find thefor the equation y-e dx (4 marks) (b) Find all the second order partial derivatives of the function ,f(x,y)-ln(x2 + y3) (6 marks) CLO2-PLO2:C3] 5. Solve the following ordinary differential equations: dy cosecr--#by dx (a) (5 marks) xe (5 marks) CLO4-PLO2:C3] Find (a) in 3e*). (5 marks) (5 marks) CLO4-PLO2:C3

can I get the full solution for all questions that I post. thank you

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