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  3. can somebody solve this i cant seem to get it...

Question: can somebody solve this i cant seem to get it...

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Table A-9 Shear, Moment, and Deflection of Beams (Contimued) (Note: Force and moment reactions are positive in the directions shown; equations for shear force Vand bending moment M follow the sign conventions given in Sec. 3-2.) 7 Simple supports-uniform load 3 lu tu 24EI 5wl.y Problem Statement: A simply supported beam is subjected to a uniformly distributed load w over its entire length L 1.5 m. The cross section is a square tube as shown in figure (b), with dimensions b 5 cm, h -9 cm, t 0.5 cm. The material has yield strength Sy- 85 MPa Calculate . The distributed load w when the beam yields. Hint ignore the rounded corners. You may use Table A-9(7) Answer tolerance-%. Be sure to include units and sign m needed. Notaton abs(z). All quantities are labeled as positive in the direction shown in the figures. Moment and shear diagrams follow the sign convention described in the textbook.

Can somebody solve this, I can't seem to get it right.

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