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Question: can someone debug this...

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public statie void main(String args)t String input J0ptionPane. showInputoialog(Enter initial loan anount: ); loat P- Float.parseFLoat(input); string input: נ0ptionPane.showrnputotalog(Enter APR (percentage): int r Double pabe(input)/12; ·); input 30ptionPane.showInputDialog(Enter duration in years: int y Integer parseInt (input); int n- y12.8; float power Math.pow(y, 1r); double monthlyPayment Pe * r * power/power -1); NunberFornat fornatter NunberFornat.getcurrencyInstance); String output Total Valuefarnatter.format (monthlyPayment); System.out.printn(output)5 1. 2. Enter this Fix (debug) this program to perform the calculation as described above. us it is written.

Can someone debug this?

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