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13. Which one of the following conditions would increase the capacitance value of a capacitor? A. Remning th-dielectne material B, Inercasing the distance between the plates asing the distance berwen the plates D. Decrcasing plate siae 14. What would be the resonant frequency for a series RLC circuit with the following components: a 1 kV resistor, a 900 mH inductor, and a 0.014 mF capacitor? A. 16.790 Hz (ounded B. 22.20 mHe (rounded 44.86 Hz (rounded D. 35.46 kHz (rounded 15. A parallel RLC circuit contains an inductor with a value of 400 microhenries and a capacitor with a value of 0.3 microfarad. What is the resonant frequency of this circuit? A. 0015 hertz В. 91 kilotertz 14.54 kilk D. 16. What is the capacitive reactance of a 0.06 microfarad capacitor in a AC circuit that has a frequency of 5,000 Hz? A. 449.2 ohms B. 318.6 ohms C. 530.8 D. 212.4 ohms 17. what is the capacitive reactance of a 1 μ F capacitor at a frequency of 60 Hz? A.1324 Ω 2654 C.26.549 Ω D. 13,120 2 18. A parallel RC circuit has a capacitive reactance of 962 ohms and a resistance of 1.200 ohms. What is the impedance of this circuit? A.968 (hm B. 751 C. 1.254 ohm D. 653 ohms 19. Which of the following materials would not be used as a dielectric material in a capacitor?

can someone double check this

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