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Question: can someone help he fix these codes please i just...

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can someone help he fix these codes please! I just need to create a copy of this linked list RECURSIVELY.

I keep getting a segmentation fault.

// This is the header file (list.h)

#include <iostream>
#include <cstring>
#include <cctype>
using namespace std;
struct node
int data; //some questions are a char * data;
node * next;

class list
//These functions are already written for you
list();           //supplied
~list();           //supplied
void build();        //supplied
void display();         //supplied
/* *****************YOUR TURN! ******************************** */
//Write your function prototype here:
void duplicate(node *& newHead);
void duplicate(node * original, node *& newHead);

private:       //notice there is both a head and a tail!
node * head;
node * tail;

// This is the cpp file (function.cpp)

#include "list.h"
void list::duplicate(node *& newHead)
node * original;
if(head == NULL)
   return ;
   duplicate(original, newHead);

void list::duplicate(node * original, node *& newHead)
newHead = new node;
newHead->data = original->data;
newHead->next = original->next;
duplicate(original->next, newHead->next);

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