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1. Identifv languages of all variables listed belovw C.constant → ínt.constlfp.const int.const → (oct.int l decint l hex-int) İnt.suffix oct.mt → 0 oct-digit dec int nonzero digit dec digit* hex-int → (0x | OX) hex-digit hex-digit oct digit 01 |2 3 4 5 6 7 nonzero-digit→ 11213141516171819 dec digit 0 nonzero digit hex-digit → dec-digit l a l b l c l d l e l f I AIBICl plElF int-suffix → El usufix (1.sufix! Il.sufix l E) u stu ll.suffix → 11 | LL dec fp-→ dec-digit dec-digit (E e ) exponent hex fp (0x | oX ) hex digit *(. hex digit | e | hex digit .) hex digit* exponent -> (+I - |E) dec digit dec digit* | dec digit * (. dec digit | dec digit .) dec digit*((E| e) exponent | e) p exponent2. Explain the correspondence between the grammar of problem 1 and the automaton copied below. Provide representative examples of derivations of the same strings in both, the grammar and the automaton Start u. L, 1 L, 1 U, u hex digit oct digit ec L, 1 non-0 digit git hex digit u. int const hex digit P, p dec di dec digit dec digit dec digit fp const dec digit ec digit F, f, L, 1 F, f, L, 1 Can someone help me with #2?

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