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Question: can someone help me with 2 and 3...

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1. List and explain the major geographical properties of the Equator as a latitude. 2.If you travel 100° south of latitude 60°N on what latitude will you be ? (Draw an appropriate diagram) . If you travel 70 west of longitude 120°W longitude, on what meridian (longitude) will you be? (Draw an appropriate diagram) 4. Identify the error in each of the following coordinate specifications (a) Lat.5°S Long.184°E (b) Lat.95°N Long.88°E (c) Lat 21.5°E Long.177°E (d) Lat.94°S Long.103ow (e) Lat.48°N Long.188ow 5.Compute the altitude of the noonday sun on May 15 at Darwin (12°S) and at Los Angeles (34°N).Which altitude is higher and what is the thermal consequence? Use the table of Suns Declination and draw appropriate diagrams.Can someone help me with 2 and 3?

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