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Can someone help me with 2 and 3?
Example 22-2 (Diet Problem) Ozark Farms uses at least 800 lb of special feed daily The special feed is a mixture of corn and soybean meal with the following compositions Fiber The dietary requirements of the special feed are at least 30% protein and at most 5% fiber. Ozark Farms wishes todetermine the daily minimumoost feed mix. Because the fced mix consists of corn and soybcan meal, the decision variables of the model are defined as -lb of corn in the daily mix -lb of soybean meal in the dailymi The objective function secks to minimize the total daily cost (in dolars) of the feed mix and is thus expressed as minimize z-3x1 + 3x2 The constraints of the model reflect the daily amount needed and the dictary requirements. Because Orark Farms needs at least Sto lb of feed a day, the associated constraint can be expressed as 2 800 As for the protein dietary requirement constraint, the amount of protein included in lb of corn and x, Ib of soybean meal is (OPb. This quantity should equal at least 30% of the total feed mix(지 + R: that is In a similar manner, the Eber constraint is conitructed as The constraints are simplified by grouping all the terms in a and x and moving them to the left-hand side of each inequality, leaving only a constant on the right-hand side. The complete model thus becomes minimize z Jr.-3x2 20 Chapter 2 Introduction to Linear Programming PROBLEM SET 2.28 L. Identify the direction of docrease in z in cach of the ollowing canes (a) Minimine 2-4-2 2 For the dict model, suppose that the daily availahility of corm is lmited to 450 lh. Identify the new solution space, and determine the new optimum solution & For the diet model,what type of optimam solution wouild the model yicld il the feed mix should not esceed 80 lb a day? Does the solution make seme?

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