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up 2 6. Mark Twain is on another river steamboat. As the padlewheel turned, a point on the from the waters surface was a sinusoidal function of time. When Marks stopwatch read 1 second, the point was at its highest, 22 above the waters surface. The diameter of the wheel was 26 ft, and it completed a revolution every 10 seconds paddle blade moved so that its distance, y, (a) Sketch a complete cycle of this function, and label all of the critical points (highs, middles, and lows) with thein ordered pairs Benss No work, no credit 1) (2 points) The table below represents a tangent function The graph of which function is the same as the graph ot hox) -3 B) f(x)--Tan(x-r)-1 Can someone help me with 6?
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