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Question: can someone help me with number 3 show diagram it...

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1. List and explain the major geographical properties of the Equator as a latitude. 2.If you travel 100° south of latitude 60°N on what latitude will you be ? (Draw an appropriate diagram) . If you travel 70 west of longitude 120°W longitude, on what meridian (longitude) will you be? (Draw an appropriate diagram) 4. Identify the error in each of the following coordinate specifications (a) Lat.5°S Long.184°E (b) Lat.95°N Long.88°E (c) Lat 21.5°E Long.177°E (d) Lat.94°S Long.103ow (e) Lat.48°N Long.188ow 5.Compute the altitude of the noonday sun on May 15 at Darwin (12°S) and at Los Angeles (34°N).Which altitude is higher and what is the thermal consequence? Use the table of Suns Declination and draw appropriate diagrams.Can someone help me with number 3? show diagram it does not have to be a 3D diagram. You can draw it on a piece of paper.

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