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Question: can someone help thanks...

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Can someone help? Thanks!!!
4. Consider domain D-(, o, binary predicate p, and unary predicate q with t he following i nterpretation I: .q() false, q(o) true p,true, p(,) false, p(o,) false, p(o, o true For each of the first-order logic formulas below, state their truth value under domain D and interpretation I given above. For each question, explain your reasoning. (a) Vr By p(z, y) (b) Br Vy p(x, y) (c) Vr (x)By p(x, y))) (d) VzVy (p(x, y) → q(x)) (e) 3x (q(x) → (Vy p(x, y)))
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