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  3. can someone help with these pseudo code and flowchart problems...

Question: can someone help with these pseudo code and flowchart problems...

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Can someone help with these pseudo code and flowchart problems? In one of my previous posts Ive explained that I am familiar with these concepts. But I have written them out and am very unsure about them being correct. I wanted to get someone who was an “expert” to draw/write it out for me so I could compare my answers. I was thing for the pseudo code portion to use a sentinel value. Using the value “while”.

For example:
Print “bowling score (-1 to quit):”
Input score
While score = 1 > -1

.... However I am having trouble applying it to this question.

This is java btw..

3. Number of Grocery Bags-Flowchart: As the manager of the Parkville Price Chopper grocery store, youve installed a new Express Checkout lane that limits customers to 24 items. Some customers have abused the system by using too many grocery bags. Youd like to limit grocery bag usage as follows. If the customer has 1 to 8 items, allow 1 bag. If a customer has 9 to 16 items, allow 2 bags. If a customer has 17 to 24 items, allow 3 bags. If a customer has more than 24 items, tell the customer to use one of the regular (non-express) check- out lanes. Provide a solution in the form of a flowchart. In your flowchart, you must read in appropriate data and print a message that tells the customer what to do (e.g., Use two bags.). 4. Number of Grocery Bags-Pseudocode: Provide a solution to the previous problem in the form of pseudocode.
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