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Question: can someone please help me with this page...

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Can someone please help me with this page.

whether you written Name: opy of al st be You are investigating two traits in fruit flies controlled by one gene each. The b gene controls for body color (black or brown), while the r gene controls for body sculpture (rugose or smooth). After crossing rugose black flies with smooth brown flies, you obtain an F1 generation of 100% rugose black flies. lable at What are the dominant alleles? (1 pt) What are the genotypes of the two parent flies to perform a dihybrid test cross? (1 pt) Of the two parent flies, identify the genotype of the tester fly (0.5 pt) After running a dihybrid test cross, you find 1000 offspring with the following phenotypes: Phenotype Black, rugose Black, smooth Brown, rugose Brown, smooth Observed 42 504 372 82 1000 Expected 13 18an 1000 Fill in the expected column with the expected number of offspring in each class of phenotypes. (1 pt) 1/20 1/25 What phenotype classes represent the recombinant offspring? (1 pt each) Calculate the relative genetic distance between the body color gene and the body sculpting gene (show your work, including units where applicable). (1 pt). Please save your file as Last name_First name_Rec5 (so my file would be saved as Der- Ghazarian_Taleen_ Rec5)

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