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Question: can someone write a basic c program for this problem...

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can someone write a basic c program for this problem?

ENGR 200 SPRING, 2019 Al: Computing Mass Flow Rate, Volume Flow Rate, and Average Velocity in Pipe Branches (basic program development) DUE: Jan. 22, 2019 at 11:59 pm, CST, (Mon/Wed section) Jan. 22, 2019 at 11:59 pm, CST, (Tues & Distance sections) POINTS: 35 INTRODUCTION: A water piping system has a T-fitting that splits the flow into two flows. See the illustration below. Water enters the main pipe at a volume flow rate of Vgpm-350 gal/min. The flow will split into branch one with diameter Dı, and into branch two with diameter D2. The average velocity of the water in branch two is Vz 3 m/s Discharge 1 Branch 1 Diameter Main Diameter Discharge2 Branch 2 Diameter The governing equations are A,-- (Computes cross-sectional area of branch 1, m2) 4 TTD A2 -2 (Computes cross-sectional area of branch 2, m2) 4 * (Converts main pipe gal/min to m3/s) cmps gpm 264.17 60 V2- A2V V1-Vemps -V2 (Computes volume flow in branch 1, m3/s) m1-ρνι (Computes mass flow in branch i, kg/s) m2pV Computes mass flow in branch 2, kg/s) (Computes volume flow in branch 2, m%) V. (Computes velocity in branch 1, m/s)

ASSIGNMENT: Write a C program that will compute the mass flow rate and the volume flow rate in each pipe branch, and the average velocity in pipe branch 1. The program will prompt the user to enter the main pipe volume flow rate, the diameter of branch 1, the diameter of branch 2, and the average velocity of branch 2. The program must define π and pas symbolic constants in the preprocessor direction section. For π use 3.14159 and for ρ use 1000. To test the program, use 7 cm for branch 2 diameter and 4 cm for branch 1 diameter The output format is shown below. Use your PCs cursor to determine the horizontal and vertical spacing for the output OUTPUT FORMAT: オオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオ SPLIT PIPE COMPUTATIONS Enter main volume flow rate in gal/min: x Enter diameter of branch 1 in cm Enter diameter of branch 2 in cm Enter velocity of branch 2 in m/s: RESULTS Main volume flow rate Main volume flow rate Branch 1 diameter Branch 2 diameter Branch 1 area Branch 2 area Branch 1 volume flow ratexxxxx cubic m/s Branch 2 volume flow rate -xxxXx cubic m/s Branch 1 mass flow rate = XX..※ kg/s Branch 2 mass flow rate = XX.XX kg/s Branch 1 average velocity - .xx m/s Branch 2 ave rage velocity-X, XX, m/s = XXXaK gal/min xxxxx cubic m/s X. XXXXX sg meters XvXXXXX.5Я meters オオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオ

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