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Can the rest be answered please the bottom
2. Pascals Triangle (2) 1. row 4 3. Indicate the probability of each of the following Four girls he: 0lezsOne girl, three boys h:4 Three girls, one boy aie: 4 Four boys Two girls, two boys p.3/8 : 062s 4. The probability of 3 girls & 3 boys in a family unit? 3. Families consisting of five children (1) a. What is the expected sex ratio? 4. Heredity (1) a. For a family with four children what are the expected chance of two of them having long fingers? For the inheritance of long fingers we expect that 3/4 of offspring of carrier parents will have long fingers and 1/4 will have normal length fingers. Use Pascals Triangle to answer this question. Supplement III
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