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Question: can u explain please how he got the diagram for...

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Question 4 (20 points) Design a gequential sirauit (electronic compass with a single input T and outputs A and B that behaves as follows. Input T indicates the direction the person is turning #7:0 if turning 90degrees to the ight and T-1 if turming 90 degrees to the left. The outputs indicate the binary code of the direction the person is facing after the turn North:AB 00, East: AB=01, South:AB 10, West: AB II Wil E ol . S to Implement this circuit as a finite state machine with four states, N, E, S, W, (for North, East, South and West). Specifically solve the following problems: a) (3 points) Draw a blockdiaram clearly indicating: combinational logic component, nip- flops, inputs, outputs, and the states. (5 points) Draw a state fransition diagram Label the states accordingly and show the output values and state transitions circuit implemented as a Meely FSM b) tade O State o· jacing ,North State t: facing East State 2: feng Saudh State cina West
Can u explain please how he got the diagram for part b and one more similar diagram for Moore machine.
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