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Question: can u solve the 9th one...

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9. 0.52 kg air is heated reversibly at constant pressure from an initial state of 37°C and 1 kPa until its volume is doubled. Calculate Δυ, ΔΗ. Q. and W for the process 10, A bullet of 3 g flying horizontally at 2 km/s strikes a fixed wooden block (m = 6 kg, Cr= 0.14 kJ/kg-K) and is cmbcdded in it. Assume that there is no heat loss from the block and that the block does not change its volume. Wa be the change in temperature of the block? 15 ii The pressure of a gas is given by p . V, where p i..n atmosphere and r is in litre.

can u solve the 9th one.

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