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Can you analyze for us what - from a conceptual angle - makes these examples a disruption? Also, in what ways could your own company be at risk of being disrupted? Be as precise as possible.

1) DVD rentals Vs Online Streaming: Companies working in the DVD rentals space have fallen prey to a burgeoning innovative disruption being created by the online streaming companies. For Example, companies like Netflix or Amazon Video Prime have come up with s different business model that have acted as a disruption for the traditional DVD rental companies. The success of Netflix is an excellent example of new-market disruption. Netflix succeeded in identifying the "job to be done " for which there were no strong candidates(Gilmartain,2015). It has happened all because of the change in the business model of the companies like Netflix which revolves around using the internet to stream movies or entertainment shows online rather than dispatching DVD to their customers.

2) E-Commerce Vs Traditional retailers: Traditional retailers have since the beginning relied on the fact that customer would come to their outlets and then they would get served for their requests. But the current age of e-commerce companies have changes this distribution of the fast moving and other products to the customers. These E-commerce companies have changed the way customer used to do shopping and have brought the products online to be purchased by the customer online only which could then be delivered by these e-commerce companies to the doors of the customers.

3) Traditional Insurance/Loans Vs Online Insurance/Loans: Traditional insurance or loan industry used to work with the business model wherein the agents of insurance or loans company used to visit the customer personally in order to make them understand their product and then sell t to them based on the customers requirement. But with the advent of these online loan disbursal and insurance companies and the awareness created by these companies about the product features, it has become very easy for the customer to go and purchase these products as per their own requirement which has been a disruption for the traditional companies.

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