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S. Opportunity cost and prodaction possibilities Ana is a skilled toy maker who is able to produce both boats and putles. She has 8 hours a day to produce toys. The following table shows the daily output resulting from various possible combinations of her time. Hours Producing Produced choice (Bouts) (Puzzles) (oats) (Pzzles On the folowing graph, use the blue poins (crcle symbol) to plot Anes intial production posssis sr (m New PPF BOATS cost of producing a second bosr per day i Suppose Ans is currently using combinatien D. prodwing one bout per day. Her opportunity Not, suppose Ana is currenely using combination C producing two boats per day. Her opportunity cost of producing Fram the previous analysis, you can determine that as Ana increases her production of boats, her opportunity cost of per day third beat per day a producing one more boe Suppose Ana buys a new tool shat enabies her so preduce twice as many beats per hour as before, bur it doesn affect her aity to produce Use the green paines (eniangle symbol) to plot her new PPF on the previous greph puzlies Because she can now make more boets per hour Anas opportunity cost of producing puzzles previl
Suppose France produces only two goods: wheat and blu rays. The following graph shows Frances current production possibilities frontier, along with six output combinations represented by black points (plus symbols) labeled A to F. 100 T 80 PPF 100 WHEAT (Millions of bushels) Complete the following table by indicating whether each point represents output combinations that are inefficient, efficient, or unattainable·Check all that apply. Point Inefficient Efficient Unattainable
Suppose the United States produces two types of goods: agricultural and capital. The following diagram shows its current production possibilites frontier for corn, an agricultural good, and construction vehicles, a capital good Drag the production possibilities frontier (PPF) on the graph to show the effects of a time-saving innovation in the manufacturing of construction Note: Select either end of the curve on the graph to make the endpoints appear. Then drag one or both endpoints to the desired position, Points will snap into position, so if you try to move a point and it snaps back to its original position, just drag it a little farther 180 т 150 120 90 60 30 PPF 70 140 210 CORN (Millions of bushels) 260 350 420
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