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Can you create an ERD using Lucid Chart for the following description. Be sure to include all necessary entities, attributes, and correct cardinality in relationships between entities. Don’t forget foreign keys. You have been asked to build a database for a sportswear company called AthFleet. The company owner needs to keep track of the customers that buy their products, the employees that work at AthFleet, the vendors that provide them with products, and the products themselves. Each vendor has contact with one employee representative and needs this support. Employees in their first year usually don’t have vendors to support, as they are learning the ropes, but as they work there longer and more vendors are reached, they may be assigned their only vendor. The owner wants to track employee names and email addresses, as well as vendor names and locations. Vendors provide products to AthFleet, like shoes, apparel, and equipment. Each product they sell comes from only one vendor. Some products are made in house, but if a vendor is in the system they must have provided a product. The owner wants to track product names and each product’s unique SKU. Finally, customers purchase products from AthFleet and that transactional data needs to be recorded. Each product is often purchased by lots of customers, especially if it is popular. Customers are only put in the system if they have made a purchase, but a product does not need to have been purchased to be stored. The owner wants to keep track of customer names and email addresses. Can you do with nice and clearly.

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