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Question: can you do 633 the last problem at the bottom...

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Can you do 6.3-3 the last problem at the bottom please clear.
ds suspected like 6.3-1) Some biology students were interested in analyzing the amount of time that bees spend lower patches. Nineteen bees visited a high-density flower patch and spent the following times (in se nectar: 35 210 95 146 195 146 404 119 47 9 329 151 21 127 15446 113 149 120 nd the 33rd percentile onstruct and plot a q-q plot using the ordered array and corresponding quintiles of N(0,1) distributio mes of gathering nectar appears to be normal. b) Find the 75h percentile 6.3.3. Let Yl < ½ < Y3 < Y4 < Y5 be the order statis- tics of five independent observations from an exponential distribution that has a mean of θ = 3. a) Write the pdf of Y b) Write the pdf of Ys
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