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(a) Determine the approximate pI for each protein (A-E) based on their amino acid pKa values (give an example of how pI is calculated from the pKa values) (b) Draw the 2D protein IEF/SDS gel diagram showing the approximate positions of the proteins 9. A. 78 kD, 4Asp, 2Lys, 1Arg B. 57 kD, 2Glu, 2Asp, 3Arg, 2Lys C. 97 kD, 2Asp, 1His, 2Lys D. 45 kD, 3Glu, 1Cys, 2Lys, lArg E. 50 kD, 2Asp, 1His, 2Cys, 2Lyscan you do one of A,B,C,D,E

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