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Question: can you give me the answers for 45 and 46...

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Can you give me the answers for 45 and 46 please in C++
44) True/False: Assuming myvalues is an of int values, and index is an int variable, both of the following statements do the same thing, cout my values [index] endl: cout (myvalues index) endli SHORTANswER. write the word or phrase that best completes each statement or answers the question 45) (8 pts) Write a single line of code to accomplish each of the following tasks 45) (a) Declare a pointer to a double data type. The point er win be named dptr. Route null ptr (b) Given the pointer named dptr, assign the address of the variable num into it. ptr Rnums (c) Write the header line of a void function, named myFunc, which accepts as its only parameter dptr as defined in part a. void my func (d) Within myFunc as defined in partG assign 5.8 into dptr so that the contents of mum will be changed.
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