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Question: can you help me to slove these given questions breifly...

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Can you help me to slove these given questions breifly
Thanks in advance will give tumbs up
1. What are the significances of grain size and grain boundaries for material property? Explain and give some examples. 2. Other than mechanical strength, what other factors can be considered in selecting metals and alloys for high temperature applications? Support your ideas with examples . Describe the functions of the matrix and of the reinforcing fibers. What fundamental differences are there in characteristics of the two materials? 4. Al Figure 1 Explain which manufacturing techniques can be used to manufacture these cylindricial hollow metals (figure 1)? Support your techniques with your own ideas. Choose your methods and put these methods in a correct order to manufacture these cylindrical hollow tubular metals. Explain each chosen methods respectively. What is the relation between grinding and residual stresses? Explain it briefly. How can we overcome these residual stresses when applying grinding process? Explain.
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