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Question: can you help me to solve this fluid question maybe...

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A mechanical engineer has been tasked to design an internal passage channelling the water from a reservoir towards a turbine in hydroelectric power plant. Figure 1 shows the layout of the turbine arrangement at designated elevation along with the passage length and diameter. The engineer has chosen cast iron pipe to link the reservoir to the turbine but need to make decision from the two available pipe diameters that would deliver the highest power output from the turbine. Determine: a) Andaian yang perlu dibuat untuk melaksanakan analisis: The assumptions that have to be made in order to perform the analysis (2 markah/marks) b) Kuasa yang dihasilkan oleh turbin di bawah setiap diameter paip yang diberi Power generated by the turbine under each of the given pipe diameter (10 markah/marks) c) Perbezaan dalam peratusan keluaran kuasa yang dihasilkan antara kedua-dua (2 markah/marks) keadaan Difference in percentage of the power output generated between both conditions d) Kesimpulan yang boleh dibuat dari analisis Conciusion that can be made from the analysis (1 markah/marks)

トー-200m → Hu = 1.002x10-3 kg/ms 998 kg/m3 Reservoir 140m Turbine D, 0.35m D2 1.05m η turbine E 0.00026m Rajah 1/Figure 1

Can you help me to solve this fluid Question
maybe you will assume the discharge

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