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Soalan 2 Question 2 1 H 10 0 V1 V2 lx 0.5 H 20 cos 4t V 0.1 F Rajah S2 (aFigure Q2 (a) a) Berdasarkan litar di atas: Based on the above circuit Dapatkan impedan setiap kapasitor dan peraruh. Find the impedance of each capacitor and inductor (i). (2 markah/marks) Dapatkan voltan pada nod V1 dan V2. Find voltage at node V1 and V2 (ii). (6 markah/marks) (ii). Dapatkan kukiskan i dr asitoD dan te umb Draw a phasor diagram and determine the status of current in a capacitor nd Ix. with the reference to the voltage source. (2 markah/marks) 316

10 2 8 0 40 <0° V ms Rajah S2 (byFigure Q2 (b) b) Berdasarkan litar di atas: Based on the above circuit Carikan jumlah impedan litar tersebut Find the total impedance of the circuit (i). (2 markah/marks) (ü). Hitungkan puratar kuasa yang dibekalkan oleh sumbor-Begaimana k meningkatkan kecekapan kuasa litartersebut culate the average power supplied by the source. How to increase the powe efficiency of the circuit? (3 markah/marks)

can you help please

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