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Objectives: The main objective of this lab is toillustrate how a Sullen-Key topology can be used to implement filter of higher orders by simply cascading them. We will use this topology to simulate the following filters of high order: . A low-pass filter .A high-pass filter . A band-pass filter We will also lean how to control the gain of these filters. Theory: The basic Sallen-Key low-pass filter is given in the diagram below: C1 Vin(s)- - Vout(s) C2 R4 Considering a second order Butterworth implementation of our filter, we have the transfer function By matching the transfer function with that of the Sallen-Key topology. we have the following result C1. Thus if we select a given cutoff frequency, we can plug in the value of C2 and find RI and R2 as follows: To make the circuit analysis a little bit simpler, we can consider that: R.I R2-R and compute C2 given

C3 V3 0.05uF 二12 V R4 U2 C4 R5 V4 0.05uF XBP2 1 Vpk 1kHa R3 741 IN OUT 1k0 LVS 12 V For the first two filters, use an AC power supply with a frequency of 4 KHz and a peak value of 1 v For the other three filters, use an AC power supply with a frequency of 15 KHz and a peak value of 1 V
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