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  3. can you please check my work thank you...

Question: can you please check my work thank you...

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Classify the experiments according to their experimental designs. Some designs may be used more than once. Vitamins. A sample of 50 children was separated into boys and girls. The members of each group were randomly assigned to two different vitamin supplements. The responses of each child were recorded at the completion of the experiment. Flu. A sample of 50 flu patients was grouped into pairs of similar individuals based on age and gender. Then, within these pairs, each flu patient was assigned to a different flu medication. After three weeks, the responses of each pair were analyzed to compare the effects of the flu medications. Race car fuel. Twenty race cars were assigned to drive two laps, once with fuel A and once with fuel B. The order of treatments was randomized for each race car. The lap times of each race car were recorded to compare the effects of the two different treatments River water quality. A random sample of 100 rivers was selected in a particular region. To assess the relationship between water quality and invertebrate diversity, the water quality and the count and species identity of all invertebrates in each river were recorded Medical treatments. Eighteen volunteers were randomly assigned to three different medical treatments. At the conclusion of each treatment, the response of each volunteer was measured Race car fuel Vitamins matched pairs design matched pairs desigın River water quality Flu observational study block design (not matched pairs) Medical treatments completely randomized designCan you please check my work. Thank you

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