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Question: can you please do questions 470 ab and 471 ...

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Today you learned about a different w similar figures, by using a ratio, Wri entry describing what you know so far Include the different ways that ratios can be w 4 LEARNING LOG a different way to compare Write a Learning Lo bout ratic Also include an example of how you can use a ra atios A new shipmen day at Hannah and you have b label the shelv atio to enlarge or reduce a figure. Title this entry Rt label it with todays date and organized in l greatest. She 2 1 inch, Review a bels on the Preview r, draw any quadrilateral. Then enlarge (or redue (or reduce) it by On graph paper, draw any quadrilateral. The Cecelia wan inches or sq question the following ratios. 4-74 b. a. a. Write b. If Cec 4-71 drew the diagram at right to represent the number 22 bedro Look, said Helena, This is the same thing as What d you think? Explore this idea in parts (a) through (c) below c. Find answ a. Is Helena correct? If so, explain how she can tell that the diagram represents . If she is not correct, explain why not. b. Draw a diagram to represent the mixed number 3. How can you write this as a single fraction greater than one? c. How can you write 7 as a mixed number? Be sure to include a diagram in your answer. 4-72. Simplify the following expressions. +2 196

can you please do questions 4-70( a,b) and 4-71 ( a-c). thanks alot

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