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Can you please give me some key take aways from this article?

Everything in your classroom is the first impression students get when they enter the class on the first day. As teachers it is up to us to be prepared and organized, this will help show the student that we are well prepared and ready for them to learn. "Everything in a classroom--the way the furniture is arranged, the types of materials displayed, the colors selected for the wall and bulletin boards, and the presence of or lack of clutter--sends unspoken messages about the teacher to students and their parents" (Hardin, p. 122). In special education, I feel like this is even more important. Having bulletin boards and things that are easily seen in the classroom with help with organization and the flow of the classroom.

What do you think about VAD as it relates to classroom procedures?

I was not able to access an administrator, due to the cancellation of Wilson County Schools (I was scheduled to go today), I am not yet a teacher in the classroom I am still a coach at Cumberland. I asked the CIP teacher at Wilson Central what he believed about VAD.

Having visual cues for the students at the entrance of the classroom, the walls in your class, and the board is important for the visibility of all students so that students can recognize and understand what is expected of them. Without these cues, you cannot expect students to know what you are asking of them.

Arranging your classroom in a manner that allows you to access every student in the room at any time safely. Accessibility in the classroom is extremely important because having materials for students in an orderly way in the classroom, allows them to access the material safely and quickly. This will also help the teacher in the class because they can depend on the students to do the task at hand without any push back or confusion from the students.

Without accessibility, you cannot have distractibility. If your classroom, and procedures are not how you as the teacher would want them then all classroom management is lost. All students learn differently, some may like visual cues while others may need verbal cues. Learning our students and how they learn will help to take distractions away.  

Visibility in the classroom is a must. If not every student in your classroom can hear and see you then you are not only digging yourself a hole as a teacher later but also digging a hole for that particular student(s). "Any instructional material that is presented via overhead, whiteboard, or presentations must be visible to every student in the class without requiring them to move their chairs, turn their desks or crane their necks (Evertson & Harris, 1997)" (Hardin, p.123).

Accessibility in the classroom is making sure that all students are accessible at all times. If they need help, if there is a problem in the classroom, a disruption, or even problems amongst peers, teachers should be able to easily access any part of the room. "In order, to provide the assistance needed and to maintain on-task behavior by proximity control, the teacher should be able to reach every student in the classroom quickly and without disturbing other students" (Hardin, p. 123).

Distractibility in the classroom is just making sure all distractions that might catch a students eye that is not educational and removing it. This also is for the teacher as well, making sure that your organization and exactly how you want it or you want it to be done. If a teacher is distracted then there is no point in the lesson. "Evertson and Randolph (1999) stress that the way classroom space is used will have important implications for how students participate in class activities and how they interact with the teacher and each other" (Hardin, p.124). I really love activities that get students on their feet and moving around. I feel like they are more into the activity and more willing to participate.

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