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  3. can you please help me problem 14 much appreciated...

Question: can you please help me problem 14 much appreciated...

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Can you please help me problem 1-4, much appreciated!
EE2305 Sp19 Homework2 Due 01/25/2019 by 11.30 PM via D21 dropbox. No email submissions will be accepted Problem 1. Using only Ohms law and equivalent resistance, calculate the voltage across and current flowing through each element in the circuit shown below. R1 R2 V1 500 500 R4. R3 1k R5 1k 6 V Problem 2. Using voltage and current values calculated from problem 1, calculate the power of each element in the Passive Reference Configuration. Also, indicate if each element is supplying or consuming power Problem 3. Using Ohms Law and Kirchoffs Current Law, calculate the voltage of the voltage source shown below. Assume that the voltage source is supplying 2 Amperes R1 V1 5 1 A R2 R3 Problem 4. Using Ohms Law, equivalent resistance and Kirchoffs Voltage Law, calculate the current flowing through the resistor indicated below R1 V1 R2R3 10 10 R4 30 IMPORTANT!
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