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Question: can you please match the definition to rightthank you...

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UESTION 5 Match the word on the left with the definition on the right. obturator foramen A. Birds that retain a primitive reptile-like palate; the kiwi, emu, ostrich, and similar birds, most of which are flightless. B. The vertical rotation of a swimming of flying vertebrate about i odontoblast longitudinal axis. C. A vertebral transverse process that incorporates a rib. D. The supporting cartilages or bones of the fin rays. Also called olecranon opisthocoelous vertebra origin palaquadrate cartilage paleognathous birds parapophysis radials or basals E. Chemical secretions that act as signals for another individual of F. A process on the proximal end of the ulna to which the triceps G. The dorsal part of the mandibular arch the same species. muscle attaches. H. The starting point of a structure; that end of a muscle that pheromones pitch plantigrade attaches to the more fixed part of the skeleton, which is the proximal end in the limb muscle. A dorsolateral element of the vertebral body of vertebrates that becomes the main vertebral body of amniotes. I. J. A vertebral body with a concavity on its cranial surface. K. A transverse process on a vertebral body to which the head of a rib attaches, or the facet on a vertebral body for such an attachment. pleurapophysis pleurocentrum L. A vertebral body that is concave on the posterior or caudal survace and convex on the anterior surface. ollex M. The thumb. N. The fused, caudal vertebral of a bird, which supports the tail O. Cell of neural crest origin that produces the dentine of teeth or P. A foramen in the pubis of reptiles, or an opening beween the Q. The evolution of a feature that enables an animal to exploit a new R. Muscle action that moves the entire appendge of a quadruped S. Walking with the sole of the foot on the ground. preadaptation feathers certain bony scales. ischium in mammals. ﹀ procoelous protraction pterygiophores pygostyle environment, such as the evolution of lungs in certain fishes forward 12.5 points

can you please match the definition to right..thank you

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