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  3. can you please match the definition to rightthank you...

Question: can you please match the definition to rightthank you...

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펴 Assessments. I m Take Test | + v eI! ▲ Files. OneDrn | Quiz. 2-Comi O thtps/utsa blackboard.com/webapps/ d on page Enter text to search No results> on Completion Status h the word on the left with the definition on the right A Walking on the toe tips. B. A collective term for the hoofed mammals: artiodactyls and tension thecodont teeth trabeculae trochanter perissodactyls C. The bone of the antebrachium of tetrapods that extends behin the elbow, lying on the side adjacent to the fifth finger when th hand is supine D. One of the processes on the proximal end of the femur to whid thigh muscles attach. E. The tendency for the head of swimming or flying vertebrates to ulna vlungulates move from left to right about it longitudinal axis. F. The arch of bone in a mammalian skul that lies beneath the orb unguligrade uropygeal gland urostyle vertebra vertebral arch vertebral body and connects the facial and cranial regions of the skuil G. The main supporting component of a vertebra, lying ventral. also called the centrum H. A process of a vertebral arch that articulates with a comparable process on an adjacent arch I. An elongated bone of anurans that represents fused caudal vertebrae J. Small, rod-like skeletal structures, such as within bones K The stress that results from two paraliel forces pulling directly away from each ather L. One of the skeletal units hat make up the spinal column. M. Teeth that are set in sockets. N. An oil-secreting gland of birds, located dorsal to the tail base o. Teh arch of the vertebra that surrounds the spinal cord, also yaw zygapophysis zygomatic arch called the neural arch 12.5 points UESTİON B

can you please match the definition to right..thank you

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