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  3. can you please match the definition to rightthank you...

Question: can you please match the definition to rightthank you...

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tch the word on the left with the definition on the right. mammary glands Meckels cartilage melanophore melanotropin A. Hormone produced by the intermediate part of the adenohypophysis; causes the dispersal of melanin granules in some animals. B. Ultramicroscopic filaments of actin and myosin that form the contractile mechanism of muscle cells. C. A cresent-shaped disk of fibrocartilage found in some joints including the knee joint. D. A muscle segment, usually applied to adult segments. E. A hemoglobin-like molecule of red musde. F. Cutaneous glands that secrete milk. Unique to mammals. G. The group of birds with a relatively advanced, nonreptilian type of meniscus metacarpal muscle palate; includes most orders of birds. H. Elongated epithelial cells with contractile properties, such as myoepithelial cells those associated with sweat glands. I. A connective tissue septum between myomeres. J. One of the skeletal elements in the palm of the hand. K. A contractile tissue primarily responsible for the movement of an myofilaments myoglobin myomere myoseptum myotome animal or its parts; discrete groups of such cells with a common origin and insertion. L A muscle segment, usually applied to embryonic segments M. The ventral part of the mandibular arch; forms the lower jaw of cartilagenous fishes. More typically called the mandibular cartilage. neognathous birds N. A cell of neural crest origin in the skin that produces and carries the black pigment melanin.

can you please match the definition to right..thank you

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